Achieve Powerful, Lasting Transformation: Work With Rob

Transformation requires focus, strategy, accountability and guidance. That’s why corporate leaders and high-growth entrepreneurs choose Rob Berkley as their mentor, adviser and coach.

Rob might be right for you if you fit the following profile:

  • You have a fierce drive to succeed.
  • You’re in a fast-growth business, and your leadership influences many others.
  • You’re open to personal discoveries and the surprises that come from knowing yourself and others better.
  • You want to know and fulfill your mission in life, by breaking through your blocks and obstacles.
  • You want to further develop your talents and powers — and push your edge.

With Rob’s help, you can expect to achieve extreme clarity about your goals, with a feasible plan of action that can bring you higher profits and greater satisfaction. When you’re struggling, frustrated, dispirited, confused or getting in your own way, he points you out of the fog so you can rocket toward the results and the lifestyle you ultimately envision.

Team and Culture Transformation

If you’re a corporate leader and want to create a high-performance culture for a team or an entire organization, or help your group navigate through a challenging company transition, Rob can mentor you to formulate objectives, strategize the needed changes and manifest the leadership savvy to make it all happen.

To discuss your situation and what might be involved in this type of coaching engagement, contact Rob’s assistant Daren.

Personal Transformation

To turbocharge the growth of your company, develop your effectiveness as a leader, clarify your life mission, recover your motivation after setbacks or carve out space for priorities apart from work, you can work with Rob one-on-one.

Although most coaching clients continue working with Rob for years, other clients work on a specific agenda for 3-6 months, the minimum amount of time to achieve meaningful change. Coaching sessions with Rob take place by phone or video conferencing.

Fast-Growth Entrepreneurial CEOs

Rob also has an intensive program for a limited number of CEOs/company owners (think Inc 500) who value having a behind-the-scenes, on-call strategic adviser. With this arrangement, you have unlimited access to Rob by email or phone, whenever you need ideas, tactics, advice or a wise outsider’s perspective. The focus is on growth, profitability, sustainability and your lifestyle.

Vision Day

All one-on-one coaching with Rob starts with a Vision Day, which is a day-long, customized strategic planning session on Martha’s Vineyard or in Naples, Florida.

Prior to setting up your first Vision Day, you would need to complete an application. If your application indicates that you’re a good candidate for coaching by Rob, you’ll then have a one-hour, no-cost, no-obligation strategy session with him so you both can decide how to proceed.

Your next step for learning more is to contact Rob’s assistant Daren.

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