Three powerful sentences

In 1989, I had my first “official” executive coaching session.

At the time, I was barely keeping my head above water in a stormy sea of leadership, management and entrepreneurial challenges.

My coach said three things that changed my life forever.

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The first thing he said to me was: “No matter how bad you feel right now, I want you to know you are not broken.”

Those words shifted something inside me, and the new perspective has stayed with me to this day. The way he said it — and the thoughts that resulted — gave me instant hope and relief.

The second thing he said was: “You are struggling because your personal, professional and corporate goals are not clear.”

He was right. Goal clarity changed everything. Inspired by my coach, I became a coach myself and since 1991, I’ve worked with thousands of people. Rarely have I seen someone (at any level) whose goals are as clear as they could be.

The third thing my coach said to me was: “You may know what you need to do, but you don’t know how to do it — there is a very big difference.”

Information about nearly any and every subject is ubiquitous today. But wisdom and experience are still hard-earned.

When it comes to the art and skill of leadership, it is hard to put book learning into practice without guidance and feedback. Accepting that truth makes it easier to get help and support.

Those three sentences changed my life forever and they still guide me today.

And you?

  1. No matter how overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, scared or stuck you may feel right now, you are not broken.
  1. Are your professional, personal and organizational goals crystal clear? No? It’s time to do something about it.
  1. Do you really know “how” to do what you need to do to reach your objectives? Or are you deluding yourself by gathering more and more knowledge instead of getting practical support, guidance and feedback?

Three powerful sentences.

I hope they help you in some small way too.

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