The Perfect Present

People’s first inclination when a job, a relationship or something of the same importance in their life is not working is to start planning their escape to something else.

Photo: Rob Berkley

Photo: Rob Berkley

One of my teachers, Tom Brown “The Tracker,” says, a fleeing animal is a vulnerable animal.

It is the same for you. If you are running away, then you are acting from a position of weakness, not strength. If you are running, even in your mind, you are vulnerable.

I suggest an alternative path.

Create a written “map” to make the present perfect (as perfect as it can be) for you.

First, make a list of aspects of the situation that are under your control that you can change to make the present more perfect. For example, in your work, you may be able to change your attitude, develop new skills, increase your willingness to do more, tighten your boundaries to do less or put a stop to the unpleasant behavior of others.

Then make a list of all the aspects that are not under your control that would make your current situation more perfect. For example, your list could include your boss’s behavior, your physical offices and the pay scale of your organization.

Review the “not under your control” list for items you can influence indirectly. List those potential actions, and consider using them as your map to move forward.

Review the map. And (unless you are in physical or emotional danger) commit to taking dedicated action regarding the items on your list for a specific period of time. Share your commitment with someone (or many people) who can support you.

Then engage with full heart and mind.

Monitor your progress, your attitude and the reactions of others as you work your plan.

Seek the perfect in the present. You may find a surprise gift.

Live is precious. Don’t waste a drop.