Report Like An Astronaut

The coaching and mentoring you receive will be more effective if you learn to report about your inner world like an astronaut does when on a mission.

Astronauts and other explorers are trained and have the ability to describe the new worlds they are exploring. Their words can paint a picture so vivid others can share their experiences without being there.

As your coaching progresses and your self-awareness grows, work on sharing in exquisite detail your experiences, your thoughts, your feelings, and your discoveries about yourself so your coach can participate with you in your growth and development.

The practice of self-observation, reflection, and reporting back strengthens the coaching partnership and speeds your progress.

By doing so, you will develop a lifelong skill that will allow you to make personal changes effectively and increase your effectiveness as a leader and developer of others.

How are you at taking others along on your journey of self-discovery? Without this skill, you’re a bit like an astronaut on the moon without a two-way radio.