Practices help us meet our goals, strengthen our beliefs, and more fully express and satisfy our core values.

Practices are regularly repeating activities designed to achieve an outcome that is usually related to our values. They have strong symbolic value because they connect our actions with our values, goals, and beliefs on a regular and consistent basis.

For example:

  1. If your organization’s professional value is teamwork, then an effective practice could be a monthly meeting during which you discuss and review the function of your team. This practice helps develop your team and reinforce the belief that teamwork is important.
  1. If your personal value is health, then an effective practice could be a daily 10-minute set of breathing exercises. This practice will improve your health and connect you emotionally to your value of health as you exercise.
  1. If your goal is to write an article, book, or blog post, then an effective practice could be to write a specific number of pages or number of words each day or one finished blog post. This practice will help you make continuous progress toward your goal of finished writing pieces. And it reminds you each day of the importance of your writing.

Make your practices specific, regular, and measurable. Connect them to what is most important to you.

Regular practices connected to your core values and important goals will speed your progress and increase your life satisfaction.

Artist Abbey Ryan writes a beautiful piece in her blog about the power of a consistent practice to enrich her life.

I know firsthand the benefit of having a core set of practices to make my life richer. When I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel like writing. But since one of my daily practices now is to write these posts for you, I was able to focus and write this.

It would not have been done otherwise…