I’m Walking

I search for practices I can do anywhere, that meet multiple needs, and reinforce my core values.

For me, the practice of walking 30 minutes or more a day is the “practice” equivalent of a wonder drug.

The health benefits of walking are numerous and well documented. It boosts our immune system, reduces the prevalence of metabolic conditions, reduces the risk of cardiac illness and high blood pressure and much, much more more.

But there is much more to the practice of walking.

It can function as a powerful spiritual practice when you need to focus your mind and awareness. Kinhin is a profoundly effective form of walking meditation that confers the benefits of traditional sitting meditations in combination with the benefits of walking.

Walking can free and boost your creativity as described by Julia Cameron of “The Artist’s Way” fame in this interview with Women on Fire founder Debbie Phillips.

And, my friend Paul Scheele has developed a wonderful program that I often use called Walkabouts. Paul uses a combination of walking and guided meditation to increase creativity, improve health, and help you develop a more quiet mind.

Walking 30 minutes a day provides a cornucopia of riches. You can do it almost anywhere, and almost any time. I often even get my 30+ minutes in when I am in airports walking laps around the terminal. Note, this is much better than running which makes the TSA a little suspicious.

I hope you can join me some time for a walk on a beautiful fall day.

Until then, here is a little inspiration from Fats Waller.

Life is precious. Don’t waste a drop.