Has Your Mission Expired?

Life missions don’t necessarily last a lifetime. They can evolve and shift as we live our lives and grow.

Old priorities drop away. New ones emerge. What we care about most changes.

Our abilities expand beyond our early dreams and visions.

The world changes around us, and we lag behind.

Or, the world does not change as we had expected all those years ago, and it reshapes our mission.

Are you parenting grown children, or have you transitioned to being their wise and loving friend?

Are you clawing your way to financial security even though you are already financially secure?

Are you doggedly making still images while your heart yearns to make videos?

Are you still satisfied being CEO, or are you ready to shift from that role and serve your community with your experience and prowess?

Are you still focused on learning new skills, or are you ready to teach them?

Most concerning, are you operating from instinct without a mission?

Commit yourself to your deepest truth.

Discipline yourself to take a long, hard, intense look at how you are expressing your mission.

Is it still relevant, vibrant, life-affirming and inspiring to you? Or are you withered like a leaf on a limb after a cold, cruel winter? Do you even know your mission anymore?

Explore and hone your mission to engage it fully and bring your mighty powers to bear on what is most important to you.

Life is precious. Don’t waste a drop.


  • This was the lesson that has stuck with me the most from our vision day, Rob. Can’t tell you how many people I have shared this epiphany with.

    You asked me what my mission was with my business and I said, “To build it.” You looked at me and said, “Seems to me like it’s already built.” Hit me like a ton of bricks & changed my thinking forever.

  • rcberkley

    Mark, thank you. I remember that day very well. What you have and had created at Sparkspace is amazing, and it was just a foundation as your remarkable work over the years has shown.

  • Wonderful post, Rob, and very relevant to me, personally. I’m sure I’ll read this a dozen times.