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Interview with negotiation expert Hal Movius: Becoming More Confident in your Negotiations and in Your Life


My interview this month features Hal Movius, founder of Movius Consulting and author of the new book, Resolve: Negotiating Life’s Conflicts with Greater Confidence. Hal is an applied psychologist who helps leaders and teams better manage negotiations, relationships, and themselves. A graduate of Harvard, Hal earned a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of […]

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I Was Embarrassed To Ask For Help

Recently I asked my accountant of 25 years what one of his biggest challenges is. Without blinking, he said it was people taking too long to reach out to him for help, because their receipts and papers weren’t organized. I have heard similar stories from other professionals. I also once read a statistic that said […]

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How to avoid information obesity

One of the conditions that hampers executive performance is information obesity. Information obesity is the condition of mental clutter consisting of too much undigested, unrelated, and unindexed information in one’s mind. There is more media and information available on our smartphones than we could digest in multiple lifetimes. It is an endless buffet, so we […]

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How is your intellectual factory?

I just had a conversation with a colleague about their ailing computer. It is slow,  unreliable, and crash-prone. She was trying to figure out how to keep it limping along for a few more months to save a few dollars. Now, please keep in mind that my friend is an expert high-level consultant who spends […]

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Awareness 103 (third in a three-part series)

The first type of awareness is internal awareness. The second is awareness of your effect on others. The third is awareness of relationship dynamics between you and others. Part three: As a leader, you need to be particularly aware of the third type of awareness: interactions between you and another person or a group. This […]

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Use The Batmobile To Drive Your Ideas Home

There is a gaping void between having ideas and bringing them to life. For more than 70 years, George Barris, (1925-2015), the designer of the Batmobile and dozens of other show cars, leapt that chasm. His no-nonsense advice for bridging the idea-creation gap was this: “Don’t talk about it, don’t dream, don’t fantasize but just […]

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Establish Reserves

We can either run our lives as a race where we get to the finish line without an ounce of energy left, or we can establish reserves so we always have a little something extra when we need it. Without reserves, we lack resiliency. We are more fearful. We do not have time to be […]

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A Dear Friend Passed Away — Read This Only If You Are Brave

Our dear friend Trudy Taylor died two months ago. She was the 91-year-old matriarch of the musical Taylor family – James, Kate, Livingston and Hugh — and all of their many talented children. Debbie and I shared dozens of engaging breakfasts with Trudy at our favorite restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard, State Road. A woman after […]

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Learn To Communicate On Both Channels

We humans are two-channel communicators. We can communicate on both the intellectual channel and the emotional channel. The intellectual channel deals with ideas, thoughts and facts. The emotional channel is concerned with communicating emotions and sentiments. Most people favor and excel in one channel. One of the key rules of effective communication is to respond […]

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Ten Things That Keep You Stuck On Your Plateau

How do you know whether you are stuck on a plateau in your life? Here are a few telltale signs: You are working harder than ever and not making any progress. It feels like your foot is on the brake and the gas at the same time. You lack enthusiasm for what you are doing. […]

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