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Interview with negotiation expert Hal Movius: Becoming More Confident in your Negotiations and in Your Life


My interview this month features Hal Movius, founder of Movius Consulting and author of the new book, Resolve: Negotiating Life’s Conflicts with Greater Confidence. Hal is an applied psychologist who helps leaders and teams better manage negotiations, relationships, and themselves. A graduate of Harvard, Hal earned a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of […]

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Giving Support

Many leaders I work with initially complain their teams and certain individuals are not able to function independently without their direct input. When we discuss the situation, it often becomes clear the leader has not allowed the team or people to fully develop their skills without the leader stepping in to “speed things up,” “fix […]

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Too Much Turning Power

As a teenager, I worked in a full-service filling station in my hometown of Woodstock, N.Y. I loved the folks I worked with, serving the customers (most of them, anyway) and learning how to repair cars. One day, my boss, Bob, asked me to grab a wrench from the toolbox to help him take off […]

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Learn To Communicate On Both Channels

We humans are two-channel communicators. We can communicate on both the intellectual channel and the emotional channel. The intellectual channel deals with ideas, thoughts and facts. The emotional channel is concerned with communicating emotions and sentiments. Most people favor and excel in one channel. One of the key rules of effective communication is to respond […]

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How is Your Leadership?

Are you clear about what you stand for as a leader? And, are you ready to stand up for it? This short TED video: “How I stopped the Taliban from shutting down my school” epitomizes leadership. I believe it will open your eyes to what is possible with true leadership, and inspire you to think […]

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Three powerful sentences

In 1989, I had my first “official” executive coaching session. At the time, I was barely keeping my head above water in a stormy sea of leadership, management and entrepreneurial challenges. My coach said three things that changed my life forever. The first thing he said to me was: “No matter how bad you feel […]

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Thinking of Two Mentors Today

Since I was a young boy, photography has been my main artistic medium. Yesterday, while taking pictures of horses in our neighborhood, I thought of two of my photography mentors. Great mentors inspire and create personal and professional growth. Through their genius and teachings, each of these living treasures I learned from changed the way […]

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Awareness 102 (second of a three-part series)

Being aware is a critical skill of highly effective leaders. It has multiple dimensions. The first is having internal awareness. The second is being aware of your effect on others. The third is being aware of the relationship dynamics between you and another person, or you and a group. Part two: As a leader, you […]

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