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Interview with negotiation expert Hal Movius: Becoming More Confident in your Negotiations and in Your Life


My interview this month features Hal Movius, founder of Movius Consulting and author of the new book, Resolve: Negotiating Life’s Conflicts with Greater Confidence. Hal is an applied psychologist who helps leaders and teams better manage negotiations, relationships, and themselves. A graduate of Harvard, Hal earned a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of […]

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The Perfect Present

People’s first inclination when a job, a relationship or something of the same importance in their life is not working is to start planning their escape to something else. One of my teachers, Tom Brown “The Tracker,” says, a fleeing animal is a vulnerable animal. It is the same for you. If you are running […]

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I’m Walking

I search for practices I can do anywhere, that meet multiple needs, and reinforce my core values. For me, the practice of walking 30 minutes or more a day is the “practice” equivalent of a wonder drug. The health benefits of walking are numerous and well documented. It boosts our immune system, reduces the prevalence of […]

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Practices help us meet our goals, strengthen our beliefs, and more fully express and satisfy our core values. Practices are regularly repeating activities designed to achieve an outcome that is usually related to our values. They have strong symbolic value because they connect our actions with our values, goals, and beliefs on a regular and […]

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Report Like An Astronaut

The coaching and mentoring you receive will be more effective if you learn to report about your inner world like an astronaut does when on a mission. Astronauts and other explorers are trained and have the ability to describe the new worlds they are exploring. Their words can paint a picture so vivid others can […]

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Has Your Mission Expired?

Life missions don’t necessarily last a lifetime. They can evolve and shift as we live our lives and grow. Old priorities drop away. New ones emerge. What we care about most changes. Our abilities expand beyond our early dreams and visions. The world changes around us, and we lag behind. Or, the world does not […]

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Ten Steps To Befriending Your Mind

Make better friends with your mind, and reap the benefits. Here are ten thoughts that will make a difference for you. Do important tasks during your most creative and effective times. Learn the best working rhythm for your creativity and productivity. My best is early morning until 11:00 a.m. Develop and sustain a focusing practice […]

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Birthday Happiness

It’s my birthday today, and I am filled with gratitude.             I was wished happy birthday at 3:14 a.m. by my beautiful wife Debbie. Since then, I’ve heard from loved ones from all over; thank you for your calls and notes. We had a wonderful breakfast overlooking one of my favorite […]

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How is your intellectual factory?

I just had a conversation with a colleague about their ailing computer. It is slow,  unreliable, and crash-prone. She was trying to figure out how to keep it limping along for a few more months to save a few dollars. Now, please keep in mind that my friend is an expert high-level consultant who spends […]

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After more than 25 years as an executive coach, I can almost always predict the quality of someone’s life experience and their success levels by listening to the structure and quality of their language. Here is one of many aspects of this: If someone phrases their desires in “away from” terms, they are often disappointed, frustrated […]

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